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10 Dumbest Reasons Guys Break Up With A Girl

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We have lots of crushes all through our lives. Some work but most end up in break-ups. And most of the times the reasons the guys give us for breaking up with us are as silly as themselves. Only thing to be thankful for in the long run is ‘good riddance’. Let’s take a look at all the stupid reasons one can ever break up for.

1. ‘Sorry, but your head is quite big for your neck. I feel intimidated.’ WTF. What you must feel intimidated from is all the brains that is filled in this big head, you idiot!

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

 image source/ Dharma Productions


2. ‘You have gained weight. We don’t seem like a pair now.’ Go to hell! I love my curves. And you will drool over it once I step out of here.


image source/ Eros International


3. ‘You are too good for me.’ Yeah you are right you jerk! And this is too good to be true!

anushka sharma

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4. ‘You deserve someone much better than me’. Yeah and you definitely deserve a slap.

dirty picture

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5. ‘You are too noisy’. WTF. Have you ever heard me above whispering?!!

deepika padukone

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6. ‘You demand too much of my time’. Oh yeah? And what about you when I want to go out with my girlfriends?

hasee toh phasee

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7. ‘You are too high maintenance’. What does that even mean? Am I a car that you need to maintain?

action  replayy

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8. ‘I called you thrice yesterday, but you did not pick up’. Excuse me, is it you speaking or am I hearing my thoughts out loud?

rani muikherjee

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9. ‘I was watching match with my friends yesterday, and you called me 5 times!’ Seriously?!!


image source/ UTV Motion Pictures- Walt Disney Pictures- Anil Kapoor Films Company


10. ‘You don’t dress hot enough’. I do. But when I come near you, it drops to ground zero.

priyanka chopra

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11. ‘My friend Ghanshyam has a sexier girlfriend’. Be thankful you even got one, you Tushar Kapoor look-alike!


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12. ‘No sweat. I have patched up with my Ex’. You are a swine!

break ke baad

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13. ‘I think I proposed to the wrong sister’. Haiyyyyaaaaaa……

urvashi urvashi

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14. ‘You are taking away all my Counter Strike time’………………………………………………..

anushka sharma

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