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10 Nicest Things You Commonly Do That You Definitely Regret Later On

It is a good thing to be nice to be nice to people. But sometimes…mmm…actually, many times when you really do something for others you feel pity for yourself or just plain regret having committed to the task.

1. When you promise to look after your baby sis on a Saturday night for your parents but your friends call you up for the your favorite band’s concert for which they finally managed to get the passes!

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2. Letting your boyfriend have the last slice of pizza only to realize how much you are hating every bite of that extra cheesy deep pan pizza that now he is biting into!

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3. Same goes for sharing your favorite bar of dark chocolate with your friend. When it is finished, the thought haunts you, that there could have been left some more only if you hadn’t shared it.

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4. When you give up buying that sexy designer dress you found on sale only so your cousin can buy instead since she too liked it.

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5. Offering to help a colleague in his work; only to find yourself stuck with an error for hours, when you could have been home ages back.

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6. Giving an idea to a friend for some competition, which won him an award leaving you regretting your Mr. Nicey Deeds.

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7. Promising your girlfriend a dinner, when your ‘chuddy-buddy’ calls you and tells you he would be in town that time.

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8. Saving a puppy from coming under a car; and find yourself in a vet’s clinic for getting dog-bite injections.

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9. Offering to pick a friend from the station, when the train got late four hours, causing you to sacrifice your sleep and drive at 3am.

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10. Lending money to a friend; and your date just agreeing to go on a date with you.

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11. Promising mom to drop her at a puja and getting stuck between aunties for hours.

image source/ Yash Raj Films

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