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10 Reasons You Would You Went Crazy For Going Home This Diwali

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Those people who have been staying away from home for their jobs or studies, Diwali is one time they just have to be home at any cost. It is that time of the year we all miss our homes for those head rushing preparations and jubilations. What is that that makes Diwali so special that you would do just anything to be home?

1. The frenzied preparations for the festivals though tiring; are also too missed and loved alike. When else do we topple over the whole house to get it sparkly clean?

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2. The decorations are the most indulging passions of everyone at this time of the year. Everyone wants his own house to win the ‘Miss Universe’ title.

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3. Putting up decorative lightings and admiringly looking at them from down your home is a secret fulfillment for everyone. It instantly lights up your humble abode, quite literally. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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4. The same thing goes by for those who are artistic and love to draw their heart out on the floors of your porch in the form of rich rangolis. Wow!! Did I really make this?!!

image source/ Amir Khan Productions- UTV Home Entertainment


5. Wearing new clothes and being happy about it may seem childish to commit but we do love it even today. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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6. The Lakshmi-Ganesh puja in our homes when the whole family is gathered and and singing hymns is another thing you can’t miss out on. That is one time you feel both blessed and close to your family.

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7. However, sweets are the best reasons why you can’t miss being at home on Diwali. The gujhiyas, chakli, laddoos and gulab jamuns…whose weakness they won’t be?

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8. Talking of crackers…we still can’t deny our craze for them. How can one ever get enough of rocket, anar, chakri and laddi?!!

image source/ Yas Raj Films


9. And when it comes to enjoying them with our family and cousins;…the fun just doubles up. Playing pranks on our sisters by bursting zebra bombs right behind them has still not lost it’s charm.

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10. If the relatives are there, there’s gotta be lots and lots of gifts and more and more of sweets. The fun doesn’t seem to end!

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Two more bonus points!


11. Who can miss out on the blast that we all have when we join our gang of friends that the hooligans they are.

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12. And though we may obviously deny it, but we do enjoy visiting neighbors and friends’ houses and exchanging gifts and sweets.

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