10 Signs Which Proves That You Are Not An Early Morning Person

10 Signs Which Proves That You Are Not An Early Morning Person

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You may have been taught as a child ‘Early to bed, early to rise; makes a man; healthy, wealthy and wise’… but you, not being a poor student but a deep lover of everything that night offers; the cozy bed, the soft pillows, the comforting moon and the stillness of night; was never quite able to learn it. After all research we have listed 10 signs which proves you are not an early morning person. Check how many matches with you.

1. You finish every goddamn work in the night itself, because you know when you drop on your bed there is no guarantee of when you are going to rise up.

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2. You set multiple alarms and scatter those all over your bedroom to make sure you don’t snooze again. But still, somehow the victory becomes yours each morning!

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3. You have broken more alarm clocks this month than Sachin Tendulkar ever broke records in his cricketing career.

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4. You look like the prototype of ‘living dead’ every morning when you literally have to drag yourself out of your bed (read grave).

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5. Your groggy mind storms with all kinds of ‘genuine reasons’ to take an off from the office, while you lay in your cozy bed.

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6. You are certainly not the friendliest soul on this planet in the mornings. People have learnt to leave you alone for they don’t want to get hurt, ‘again’.

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7. You never keep breakfast meetings since you don’t want your clients to see your best (mis)behavior.

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8. The milkman or the newspaper vendor; all have strict instructions not to ring your door bell if they value their lives.

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9. You hate the chirping of birds in the mornings. What’s beautiful about that annoying noise anyway?!

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10. Coffee and tea are your life savers. If it wouldn’t have been for them you wouldn’t have seen the daylight again!

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