10 Stupid Things You Did as a Teenager Which You Regret When You Get Older

10 Stupid Things You Did as a Teenager Which You Regret When You Get Older

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Teenage is synonymous with adrenaline rush….Blood rush and rage …both are at their peak. Ofcourse, no guesses then , that you will end up doing brash stuff ….. & the best part of the process of growing up is ; you yourself admit that all your stupidities were really that!

This is absolutely harmless…as it is part of growing up. We cannot live by anyone’s advise ; we tend to make mistakes when we are younger ; only to become more mature later and laugh them off (& not repeat them!)

1. Getting a tattoo. Ouch!! If it hadn’t been that stupid need to fit in the crowd you probably wouldn’t have had your skin painted with those hideous looking signs and lettering! They don’t even go off now!! Rub rub rub!!

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2. Getting piercings. Ouch!! Ouch!! Ouch!! And some more OUCH!! What the hell were you thinking?!!! Getting your skin punched and punctured!! And it doesn’t even look good!! Arrrghhh…. It must be the on the top! But at least you can take them off!

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3. OMG!! Is that really you in that weirdo hairstyle?!!! Where to hide now!!! But thank god its all in the past now!

Uday Chopra

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4. Getting drunk and driving. OK so this is something serious. Count your blessings you are still alive to reflect back and certify it as ‘Plain Stupid’! This one is a strict NO NO!

Katrina Kaif

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5. Having a crush on your teacher. Oh ho… That was weird…and so is now.. imagining your teacher dancing on hot Bollywood tunes with you….this is life not ‘Main hoon na’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

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6. Went days without showering. Ughhh… How or why on earth did you ever do that! Sick!! >:(

image source: 38.tumblr.com


7. Run away from home. Ahh well. That was not for long huh. Who would have thought you would run out of money so soon? Had to be back home anyway! ๐Ÿ˜€

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