10 Sure Shot Signs Of Girls Who Are Engaged

10 Sure Shot Signs Of Girls Who Are Engaged

Midway between your maiden and married status, engagement fills your world with happiness and colors! Read on; to find out the 10 signs that you have got engaged.

1. No matter what you are doing, you always end up finding yourself gazing at the big, beautiful rock on your finger ; with different angles and smiling and blushing.

priyanka chopra

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2. It’s been the 5th time since morning that your boss caught you daydreaming (just the 5th?!) 😉

rani mukherjee

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3. There are at least 7-8 tabs of designer bridal wear and honeymoon destinations open on your laptop.

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4. Whoever that calls you these days starts a conversation with “So, shadi kab hai? (When is the wedding?)”

kareena kapoor

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5. Your mom, who had always been after your life to make you learn at least something to cook other than a boiled egg or maybe a Maggi, doesn’t let you enter the kitchen. You become a precious treasure for her 🙂

kareena kapoor

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6. You always knew your mom to be emotional enough to cry over every tragic scene in a movie, but somehow, she has become the long lost sister of The Bollywood Maa, Nirupama Roy lately; shedding tears right in the middle of a perfectly harmless conversation with you.


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7. Your younger brother has been more than just happy these days since he is eyeing your bedroom! And he never lets go of any chance to remind you that.


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8. Now you have two sets of parents, one mummy-papa and other ma-pa.


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9. Your cell phone is flooding with reminders of birthdays and anniversaries of your fiancé’s friends and relatives, alongside your own! Seems all 365 days are booked!


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10. And the most hilarious one: these days whenever a ‘passable looking’ harmless guy friend happens to ask you out for a coffee, you are half tempted to slip your ring in your purse. But instead, you find yourself saying, “Sorry, I’m engaged”. Haha…coffee and engagement…totally unrelated !but you want to be the loyal types (if you think that is being loyal!)

deepika padukone

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