10 Things That Only Those Who Used Nokia 1100 Will Understand

10 Things That Only Those Who Used Nokia 1100 Will Understand

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Ya this is the age of smartphones. But those who used the Nokia 1100 will only understand what it was worth…

1. It was so cheap that you could buy one every month.. One for mummy, one for papa, one for chhotu and one for munni… That’s why it was called The Nokia family! πŸ˜‰

main hoon naa

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2. And even if you lost it, it wouldn’t hurt that bad. No saved images lost. Just go and buy a new one!! πŸ˜€


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3. It’s torch could light up the whole neighborhood. And your battery didn’t even get eaten up.

imran khan

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4. Battery, yes, now while we are on that…. It could go days without having to charge it. At some point you would start thinking, is it ‘jadu’?!! πŸ™‚


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5. And in the rare occasion you did run out of battery a light year later, you could always get a charger easily. Everybody seemed to have just that.



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6. Ever dropped your Nokia 1100? Who wouldn’t have… especially since it practically needed no care at all.. Drop it on the road for a truck to go over it, and still it will be in one piece!


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7. It was just the right size to fit your palm. No need to carry a bag just to keep your precious phone.

ranbir kapoor

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8. Compact? Yes. But it was way too heavy for its size. You could use it for a dumbbell.


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9. Greatest advantage? You could type endless messages on it without even looking at the screen, to chat with a friend, without letting your teacher get suspicious of your endeavors! LOL

katrina kaif

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10. And last but the most missed; it had the father of all mobiles games ever- ‘Snakes’, which you remember going crazy playing it non-stop day and night!

nokia snake game

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Over all this phone was the best phone 10 years back.


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