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10 Types Of People You Find While Travelling By A Train In India

India is full of interesting and strange people. You can find these funny creatures in all the spheres of life; and travelling by a train is no exception.

1. The Boomboxes.

These strange creatures are those who will talk to one but the whole train will boom with their voice and laughter. With them on your guard, you can never expect to have a even a minute of nap.

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2. The Adjust-Please-ers.

There will not be one travel by train when you won’t encounter these beings. They will never have a seat reserved and those who do, will be just have to bear with their “Please thoda sa adjust kar lo. Yahin pas mein hi utarna hai.”.


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3. The Free DJs.

You will not experience a minute of boredom when they are there for your rescue. They will keep their extremely lovable ‘paan ki dukan wali’ playlist of songs like “Tum toh thehre pardesi” and “jab lagave tu lipistik” to entertain all the people free of charge.

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4. The Frenzied Eaters.

Yeah they are onto an eating spree with their “Yahan ke pede boht famous hain” and “yahan ki kachori, aha ha ha..maza aajayega”… They will get down on every station and stop every vendor to eat to their heart’s full.

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5. The Tacky-Detectors.

Hmm..all the best surviving their declaration of ‘I love vacuum-cleaner, and I want you to know it’ campaigns! They may not mind throwing peanut shells or chips packets in train themselves but constantly remind you how they looooove cleanliness.

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6. First Come First Serve Campaigners.

These people are strong believers in, if you came first it’s yours. They will climb on your berth and pretend they are asleep… so much as to at one point you would think ‘is he dead?’ Your seat or his? Seat meri hai!! Ji haan!!

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7. The Born Debaters.

Politics, country, corruption, unemployment…take anything which can make you look like you are a thinker in the world of ‘Gump…Forrest Gumps’..and they would be doing heated discussions on that!

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8. The Advocates of Angrezi.

No travel, or for that matter any place now in India is devoid of these simply superlative beings. They would insist they know not a word of ‘oh so down market Hindi’ and will even call a vendor to say ‘Bhaaiyaa one cup tea dena”.

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9. The Snoring Sirens.

You want to sleep on your way to your office directly from station? Well, You can’t. Don’t even think you can, when these dedicated watchmans are consistently at your service to keep you awake. Please somebody make them stop!!!

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10. The Workaholics.

These sadists constantly glue their eyes to their lappies or on their Blackberrys right from the start of the journey until it’s end so that you be made guilty of your pending files and cluttered workstation even when you are off with your family on a fun vacation.

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11. The Daredevils.

These people would risk everything to enjoy the fresh air and scenery hanging by the door. “Window mein wo baat kahan, jo door mein hai”.



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12. The Persistent Talkers

No matter how much disinterest you show or keep it no secret that you are genuinely not interested to listen to them blabber, still this compulsive talker will talk and talk even if you reply or simply ignore them! Hats off to their determination! 😉

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