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11 Habits Which Prove Your Friend Is An Old Soul

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So true is the saying ‘Age is but a number.’ You maybe 70+ but still young at heart while you could as well be just in your ‘tweens’ and feel you are trapped in the wrong era. Let us find out if you are that person who love the old ways and too matured for his/her age.

1. She likes listening to FM more than watching TV or surfing the net.

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2. She faces trouble learning to work on a smartphone or app. And usually says, a basic handset is better.

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3. She likes greeting and meeting people in person more than spending time on Facebook.

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4. In theses times of email and Whatsapp, she like to write letters. According to her, snail mail though it may be, it gives a personal touch.

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5. She hand-craft gifts for people for festivals and other occasions.

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6. She hates the noisy, naughty children!

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7. Her idea of a good time is too cuddle in a blanket with a hot cup of tea and a nice book to read.

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8. She dresses up like ye ol’ times.

Om Shanti Om

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9. She has more than once wished to have been born in the 60s or 70s.

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10. She even carries a change purse.

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11. She likes to be back home by 8pm and sleep early.

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12. She can be heard many a times narrating stories of her childhood, all starting with ‘in our time..’.

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