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11 One Day Picnic Spots Near Mumbai To Set Your Weekend

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Need a break from the concrete jungle of Mumbai but cannot afford to take a vacation? Want a break from the mundane routine but hardly got the time or energy to make long travel plans? Well then, why not take a short trip out of the maddening city, for a day of complete rejuvenation! We are giving you some great options of one day picnic spots near Mumbai which are sure to refresh you without wasting much of your time in travelling.

1. Elephanta

Distance: 25 kms
Travel Time: 1 hr
Located close to the Gateway of India, the island of Elephanta is only an hour long ferry ride away from the South Mumbai. It houses three beautiful cave temples built during the 5th-18th century using the intensive rock cutting method. The largest of the temples is the Shiva temple which houses the three headed statue of Lord Shiva, also known as Mehsamurthi.

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2. Manori

Distance: 49 kms
Travel Time: 1.5-2 hrs
Situated near to the popular Gorai beach, it is as beautiful an island as the former but less crowded. Though water sports or swimming here are not a good option, but often called as mini Goa, Manori has plenty to offer in terms of splendid beach, serene environment and leisure activities.

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3. Karnala Bird Sanctuary

Distance: 47.3 kms
Travel Time: 1.5 hrs
One of the most popular one day picnic spots near Mumbai, Karnanla Bird Sanctuary is the ideal choice of trekkers. A quaint and lovely region, perfect for family picnics, the sanctuary serves as the home to about 150 species of birds. Situated close to Panvel, it can easily be reached through local trains as well.

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4. Durshet

Distance: 76.2 kms
Travel Time: 1.5-2 hrs
Known for its untouched beauty, Durshet is set in the midst of dense forest and the hill range of Sahyadris. One of the best picnic spots near Mumbai, it lets you soak in the serenity of the environs, enjoy refreshing sprays from the waterfalls and take nature walks along the Amba river, along with offering many adventure activities like river crossing, or rock climbing here.

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5. Igatpuri

Distance: 120.8 kms
Travel Time: 2-2.5 hrs
Situated amidst the Sahyadri Hills, it is a tranquil little hill station in Western Ghats. Ideal to give the parched soul of a city dweller the much needed respite, Igatpuri offers you with a charming landscape dotted pleasantly with ancient ruins, temples, dense forests and placid trekking paths.

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6. Savarkut Village

Distance: 130 kms

Travel Time: 3hrs
Located in the Sindhudurg district of the sate, Savarkut Village is one of the most famous one day picnic spots near Mumbai for all adventure seekers. You can enjoy a range of activities here in the Vaitarna river, including kayaking, rapelling and white river rafting for an unmatched experience of adrenaline surge. The lush verdure of the surroundings and the gushing waters of the river make for an equally worthwhile sight.

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7. Vasai Fort

Distance: 67 kms
Travel Time: 1 hr 40 min
This Portugese fort of Vasai is unlike any orther of its peers that you may find scattered all over Maharashtra. The unique architecture and the calm environs around it are responsible for its high popularity. People hail from nearby areas to make short films or even to simply chill in its quitude. A single day trip is ideal since it can get quite dangerous at night time.

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8. Pawna Lake

Distance: 111.2 kms
Travel Time: 2 hrs 40 min
Emerging as one of the most sought one day picnic spots near Mumbai, Pawna Lake is tucked away among the Sahyadri hills. It gives its visitors the panoramic view of the Pawna dam amidst the nature spread around. Apart from the natural beauty you can also enjoy here, the various water activities like boating or parasailing.

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9. Kamshet

Distance: 101.7 kms
Travel Time: 1 hr 56 min
Often called ‘paragliders’ paradise’, Kamshet is a famous as a solo day picnic spot from Mumbai. The tiny hamlet with its traditional huts, picturesque natural beauty, hidden caves and forgotten old forts create a special place of their own in the visitors’ hearts. Besides this, people from all over the country and even farther off come here to enjoy paragliding.

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10. Malshej Ghat

Distance: 126.6 kms
Travel Time: 3 hrs
Snuggled in the middle of lush green hills and uncountable waterfalls, Malshej Ghat forms a charming hill station, set only three hours away from the bustling Mumbai. Perfect for any nature mate, this scenic picnic spot offers a lot of activities to do here like hiking, trekking or watching the vast species of avian life.

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11. Sula Vineyard

Distance: 170.3 kms
Travel Time: 3.5 hrs
Not just the destination but the journey to Sula vineyards is equally indulging. The drive through the expressway makes for a blissful ride while the grape stomping and the tasting of wine amidst the lovely backdrop of vineyard makes for an enriching experience.

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So, get ready to enjoy a great weekend with one of these superb getaway spots near Mumbai.

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