11 Signs That Say You Are a Control Freak

11 Signs That Prove You Are a Control Freak

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It is one thing to have things your way and the other to do them as per others’ whims and fancies. While you may enjoy the former you definitely grit your teeth at the latter. What do you think; are you that someone too who likes to make people dance to your tune? Read on to find out.

1. ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’ is your life’s mantra; but with a little twist.

sonam kapoor

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You don’t think anyone other than you is capable of ‘cooking’ any broth. It’s you & you alone who can do things around as they are meant to be. Others are born just to mess things up.


2. You want your hubby to help you in kitchen but end up doing everything yourself.

kareena kapoor

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How can you let anybody muck up your dinner with sloppily cut veges julienne, when they need to be perfect squares for stir fry?!!


3. You don’t understand the logic of stopping at traffic lights.

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What is the use of keep sitting in your car when you can’t drive it?!


4. You would rather have the earth revolve around you than the sun.

sonam kapoor

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Everybody is talking about your sister who just won the noble prize for her contribution in finding the cure for cancer. Duh! So?!! You have blue eyes!


5. Everything in your life is too organized.

hrithik roshan

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Apart from having the two way flight tickets in your desk drawer for that ‘spontaneous’ vacation, you even have carefully made notes in your organizer about where to stay, what to see, what to do, where to shop and what to eat; not to mention when to wear what. Umm…I hope you did not miss anything. The vacation’s only three months away!


6. Your wardrobe is your mecca.

kareena kapoor

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You have every piece of clothing arranged according to its color, style and occasion. Even your shoes!


7. Your favorite movie is the X-men.

ranbir kapoor

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Who doesn’t want the power to control the weather or better still people’s minds?


8. Your favorite hairstyle is a ponytail or a chignon.


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You even tell others to brush their flicks away from their eyes while talking to you. Of course! Who likes to talk to a tuft of hair?


9. You want your hubby to throw a surprise birthday party for you.


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But hey! What if he doesn’t get a blackforest triple layered cake with low fat double whipped cream frosting and glazed cherries on top? You will make sure he gets you just that. Checked.


10. Your maid absolutely hates you.

vidya balan

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You make her go mopping twice over every sq. inch of your floor to make sure it’s perfectly dirt free. Oh, no wait! The windows need a third round!


11. You have your own quality check system.


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Everything you, your friends or even that your neighbors get need your approval first. And why shouldn’t they; you know the best. Oh! So your besty’s getting married? Wait, did she get your approval?!!!

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