11 Things All Vegetarians Are Sick Of Hearing

11 Things All Vegetarians Are Sick Of Hearing

It may be your choice to be a vegetarian or maybe your family’s tradition, but the non-vegetarians simply don’t stop bugging you with these stupid and extremely overused lines.

1. How can you not eat chicken?

It’s not just about chicken actually; I can’t eat many things like  wood and paper.

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2. Is it something acquired or were you born like this?

Huh… Scuse me!

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3. Where do you get your proteins from then?

Ever heard of the word ‘daal’? Say it.. “D-A-A-L”… daaaalll..

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4. So, do you eat just salad then?

Are you crazy? I also have air and water to go with it.

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5. Would you like to share my kebab? Oops, sorry. Forgot you’re a vegetarian.

You know you would do good to remember it one of these days.

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6. How can you eat this ‘ghaas-phoos’?

Oh it’s simple you see. I just take a bite with my teeth, chew it and gulp.

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7. But you know, you are killing plants anyway.

Oh please just shut up.

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8. Have this sandwich. I took out the chicken and filled it with cheese instead.

Excuse me, but did just take out your brain and filled your head  with cheese too.

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9. So, don’t you even eat eggs?

No. I leave the eggs alone for you to eat them when they turned into chicks.

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10. Vegetarianism is not natural. We were born omnivores.

Ya, and you were also born without clothes you moron!

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11. So you only eat food for cattle?

Yoo hoo! Congratulations! You nailed it bro!

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