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11 Types Of Horns We Come Across In India Which Are HORN NOT OK PLEASE!

Traffic in India’s populated cities is very noisy and it becomes more irritating when we all have to face Indian drivers honking their horns without pause. I am sure I will get a fair share of people supporting me on this..we have listed down different types of horns and honkers we face in our daily life..I am sure you will be able to connect these type of horns to people nearby you or whom you come across on roads.

1. The irritating types….whose horn reaches everyone in the building except THE FRIEND! Someone tell them…there is a mobile too!

Horn Ok Please (4)

2. The roadside Romeo ….aarghh!

Horn Ok Please (10)

3. The ear buster guy!…with truck loads of @!#$%!@

Horn Ok Please (9)

4. Like a water on a duck’s back…the cow’s not interested Man! Go honk somewhere else

Horn Ok Please (9)

5. Dude go buy a disc and play on the system! Stop bugging everyone with your choice of music while reversing your vehicle

Horn Ok Please (9)

6. ….the road’s apparently not meant for you as you seem to be in a tearing hurry!…so go take a flying….%@#!$option!

Horn Ok Please (9)

7. Hey ….the ‘gufa’ is closed as it is time for it to be closed….Try a password instead of the horn ….

Horn Ok Please (9)

8. Watch out!….better safe than get into panic attack and add to noise pollution…NO HORN PLEASE

Horn Ok Please (3)

9. Better be known as Mr Late than Late Mr

Horn Ok Please (2)

10. Honking will not get you space on road but space in people’s mind..with them showering flowery language on you &%$#@

Horn Ok Please (2)

11. Finally…this one’s the rightful owner of the driving license…he knows his rules

Horn Ok Please (2)


Horn ok please

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