12 Common Dialogues Evry Indian Girl Has To Listen From Her Mom

12 Common Dialogues Evry Indian Girl Has To Listen From Her Mom

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Every Indian girl is absolutely sick and tired of theirs picking moms who seem to get their daily dose of vitamins by repeating these typical dialogues like a broken record!

1. Sit properly! Girls should sit cross legged and take care of their clothes while sitting.

(Oh God mom!! Can’t I be comfortable in my own home?!! I’m really tired mom!)

priyanka chopra

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2. Shh…! Ladkiyo ko dheere baat krni chahiye! It is bad manners to talk so loudly!

(Talk slowly?!! I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs!)

deepika padukone

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3. Hmmm?!! (Big eyed angry look)… Is this the way to laugh? Ladko jaise mat hasso! Ladkiyo ko dheere hasna chahiyeye!

(C’mon mom laughing keeps you healthy! Don’t they teach you that at your laughter club?!! Fine if you want it your way…How about this?)


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4. Itni chhoti dress?!! Ab tum badi ho gyi ho. It doesn’t look nice.

(WTF….!!! I love this short dress! And so does every guy in my college! 😉 Wish I could say that out loud!)

jo jeeta wohi sikander

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5. Put oil in your hair and make a ‘choti’. Ladkiyon pr lambe baal he ache lagte hain.

(Oil?!! Yuck! Everybody will call me ‘behenji’!)


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6. Is this the way to walk? Ladko jaise mat chalo. Don’t stomp. Walk slowly.

(Now what the hell is wrong with my walking?!! Do you want me to practice catwalk with a stack of books on my head?!! God!!)

imran khan

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7. Chai mat piyo. Kali ho jaogi.

(What?!! Seriously. What?!! You really don’t know there’s no connection between tea and your skin color or you just plain love to nag me?)

kareena kapoor

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8. Stand with me when I am in the kitchen.. you will learn this way. Ladkiyon ko khana banana aana chahiye.. Apne ghar jaogi toh kya karogi?

(Necessity is the mother of all inventions. Didn’t anybody tell you that? I’ll cook when I’ll need to. For now please let me watch T.V. And what’s up with this ‘apna ghar’?!! Isn’t this mine?!!)

kal ho na ho

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9. Learn to drape a saree.. Har ladki ko saree pehanni aani hi chahiye.

(I won’t argue with that one. Saree makes me look sexy!)

Desi Girl

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10. Learn all the rituals. Sasural jaogi toh kahenge maa ne kuch nahin sikhaya!

(Then I’ll tell them, go take a hike! And puhleezzz don’t drag this ‘sasural’ thing in everything… It’s sickening!)


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11. Why are you always on the phone? Itna phone par lage rehna achi baat ni hai!

(Mom!! Can’t it be my boss, my girlfriend or those ever pestering, credit card wale?!!)

tamanna bhatia

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12. You should be back home by 9. Aur kaun kaun aa rha hai party me? (I hope there are no boys there!)

(Party and no boys?!! What kind of lame party will that be?!! And 9? Are you kidding me? Tab toh party shuru hoti hai!)

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