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12 Things You Do When You Are Broke

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We all must have been broke some or the other time and even though it is a really pitiful situation, we can always laugh our worries away… At least that’s something we can afford when we are broke. 😉

1. You cancel weekend plans with your friends telling them you have some zaruri kaam, (a lie of course).

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image source /UTV Motion Pictures


2. Your breakfast consists of chai and well, that’s it.

image sources


3. You consider stealing grocery from your local store.

image source


4. You look like the main lead of ‘the return of the zombie part II’.

image source/ Mukta Arts

No. Seriously, like a zombie….

image source


5. You have a pile of dirty clothes but can’t imagine washing them without detergent.

image source/ Vinay Pictures


6. You visit your friend’s place in hope raat ke khane ka intezam ho jaega. But when he doesn’t ask you even for a glass of water, you are like..

image source/ Reliance entertainment


7. You actually stealthily take your neighbor’s newspaper and replace it before he finds out.

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image source/ Reliance Entertainment


8. You do the same with the packet of milk delivered to his house with an exception of replacing it back. Obviously!

image source


9. You consider climbing on the back of the buses to get a free transport. But drop it of course and ask for lifts.

image source/ UTV Motion Pictures


10. And when you do not get any lifts you end up walking. Chalna sehat ke liye acha hai, so no regrets there!

image source/ 8Tracks Radio

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image source/ UTV Motion Pictures


11. You give missed calls whenever you have the need to talk to somebody.

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image source: T-Series / Via Imaan Sheikh


12. You switch off fans and lights sometimes even when you are there in the room. Itna bhi andhera nhin hai.

image source/ Reliance Entertainment


13. You have cut all of your credit cards. And savings… well hahahahaha…. (Crying out loud inside).

image source/ Dharma Productions- ShowMan Pictures-Yash Raj Films

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