12 Traits of a Typical Girl, #4 Is Probably Every Girls Favourite

12 Traits of a Typical Girl, #4 Is Probably Every Girls Favourite

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Girls are hep, beautiful and doubt. And there are certain traits that set them apart.

1. You have pink color and/or flower pattern on your bedroom’s wallpapers. And your curtains. And your bed sheets.

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2. Your bedroom is dotted with teddy bears, heart shaped pillows and beautiful vases containing fresh flowers. Mmm… and it always smells gooood!

image source/ ShowMaker Pictures


3. You have at least a score of dresses in pink and glitter. And a cupboard full of Jimmy Choos and Gucci (or you dream of this every single night).

image source/ Red Chilies Entertainment


4. You just have to match your nail color, handbag and stilettos with every outfit. You want to look just purrfect!

image source/ Viacom 18 Motion Pictures


5. Magazines like Vogue and Cosmo are your fuel for the brain.


image source/ Balaji Motion Pictures


6. You are always up-to-date on the latest fashion trends and always follow it with full loyalty. You consider these high-end brands an investment!

alia bhatt

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7. 1 + 1 is eleven for you. You know you do not have to waste your energy on stupid calculations when you have a calculator in your phone just for that.

image source/ Yash Raj Films


8. You go “awww…” every time you see a baby or a puppy. OMG and tacky are your constant words of the day(s).

akshay kumar

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9. When you walk, you even make Shakira shy.

image source/ Red Chilies Entertainment- Eros International


10. You absolutely have no interest whatsoever in current affairs or sports. But you love romantic novels and movies. And every time you watch them, you weep.

sonam kapoor

image source/ Dharma Productions- UTV Motion Pictures


11. The best gadget for you is not the one which has 1.5GH processor or . It’s the one which is “Pinkkk”. It has all the useful apps; Myntra, Ebay and Trendz. And wait, don’t forget the mirror! 😉


image source/ Dharma Productions


12. And well, as lightly as I can put it, ‘you can’t drive sweety’! Enough said.

image source/ Balaji Motion Pictures


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