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12 Types Of Annoying People You Find On The Indian Roads

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The world doesn’t seem enough for the annoying people that you find undoubtedly, everywhere. Our Indian roads are no exception.

1. Those who run their car or bike so fast as if it may be a ‘Jeene-Marne ka sawal’!

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image source/ Yash Raj Films


2. Some on the other hand hallucinate being the ‘kacchua’ of the ‘hare and tortoise race’. And call it their style.

image source/ UTV Motion Pictures


3. Tere are those who just don’t have the idea where they want to go…Left, right. center; they will be everywhere, testing all the lanes available!

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4. Others would be stopping on the sight of every person in the vicinity and asking for the correct address, “bhaisab ye baees bataa teen kahan padega?”

image source/ PVR PIctures- Anil Kapoor Films Company


5. Then there are those daredevils who would risk everything to get a free ride. Putting a foot on the ‘side wali gadi’ for towing their own.

image source / Yash Raj Films


6. People who are expert in snaking their way through the traffic stopped at the signal.

image source /Yas Raj Films


7. Or if they are not so expert in that, getting their bikes or cycles up on the footpath,…umm…can it really be called as the ‘foot’path now?

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8. The proud ones that speed off  ‘signal tod taad ke, sare traffic rules cchod cchad ke”!

image source /Eros International


9. Those who smartly stop their vehicle ahead of the lights and since they are already ‘aagey’, rush off  victoriously!

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10. Then there are the ‘Besharam’ Ranbirs and ‘Kaminey’ Shahids who would be driving on the road but with their eyes glued left at the hottie walking on the footpath.

image source / Yash Raj Films


11. The self-proclaimed ‘Tom Cruz’es’ who like showing off their ‘wheelie’ and ‘stoppie’ skills to the unsuspecting people on the road.

image source/ Viacom 18 Motion Pictures


12. But he worst of the lot are those who ‘khaike paan Banaras wala’ like to shower everyone on the road with the ‘peek’… If only it could also ‘khol de their band akal ka taala’!

image source/ Nariman Films


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