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12 Fashion Blunders Men Make In India

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Our team took a break from office and went on streets . Guess what!? They picked on some ‘fashion blunders’ men make. Is the next fashion faux pas is waiting just around the corner ?

Do Brands and expensive clothes make us or do we lend a style to the Brand by wearing it in a manner befitting it?

Below are 12 ‘DON’T’s for men – MUST avoid when you dress up.

Start out on the right foot with a smile on your face and you can never be wrong ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Wearing tight jeans and stuffing your wallet in back pocket of the jeans…what a “bum” !

fat wallet

image source

2. Trying to match reflector colors with the shirt color…end up looking like a color coordinated scene from a Yash Chopra film!

Tiger Shroff Wearing Cool Sunglassess funny

image source

3. Wearing trousers so high , they reach your chest!

high trouser men

image source

4. Wearing socks with floaters….A big NO!

sandels with socks

image source

5. Dirty nails, unkempt hair, creased clothes and a loud voice..takes away from the costliest brand you could be wearing.

dirty boy

image source

6. Wearing sport shoes with formal trousers….guess the person is confused whether he wants to play or work :)!

formal shoes

image source

7. Wearing clothes two sizes smaller than your size….it is sheer torture for the spectators….the sight of ‘bulges galore’!

fat man

image source

8. The biggest turn of …wearing dirty shoes.!

dirty shoes

image source

9. Carrying a backpack with a formal suit.

fashion disastor
image source

10. Improper tie length…is it a ‘bib’ or a tie????

short tie

image source

11. Wearing a trouser so tight trouser that your ‘groin’  bulges out; the outline of your undies clearly visible….sometimes others can even make out the brands you are wearing inside :)…leads to ‘SORE EYES’ for watchers!!!


image source

12. Last but not the least …carrying a handkerchief as big as a bed-sheet! Haha ๐Ÿ™‚

large hankerchief

image source

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