13 Funny Dialogues of Every Indian School Teacher

13 Funny Dialogues of Every Indian School Teacher

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We all love our teachers, don’t we? Now that we have grown up, we understand their importance more and so dearly miss them. There are some typical dialogues and antics that perhaps every teacher of our country must have in common. Let us read those tickling dialogues and remember our lovely teachers.

1. Why are you late for class?

(I was watching TV late at night then woke up late but was still sleepy so missed my bus for school. Reasonable enough?)

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2. Did you forget to have your food? Then how did you forget to bring your book?

(That’s because my homework doesn’t make my stomach growl.)

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3. No talking in the class!

(Then please let us outside so that we can continue our interesting chat) ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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4. I want pin drop silence in the class. Phew!! ๐Ÿ™‚

(Do you want us to shut up or do you want us to drop pins? Please be clear.)

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5. Bring your own pencils and erasers. No borrowing. (OK. But can I borrow a pen instead?)

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6. Get the copies from the staff room. (Yeah sure. And then distribute them too, isn’t it?)

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7. One boy and one girl on one bench.

(Of course miss. Whatever you say! ;))

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8. Why isn’t your work complete? Were you busy doing ‘jhadu-poccha’ at your home?

(No miss. I was busy watching ducktales.)

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9. Who will make a chart for the classroom?

(You really think we want to?!! We only raise our hands to impress you!)

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10. Why do you want to go to the toilet?

(Really? You want to know?)

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11. Talk in English or you will be fined. (OMG!)

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12. Give me your parents’ numbers. (Oh ho! What to do now?!!)

amreesh puri

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13. Go stand in front of the principal’s office! (Oh shit! The ultimate weapon unleashed!)

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And if you come late to the class..this angry look!


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