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13 Things That Prove You Had A Bad Week In The Office And Need A Crazy Weekend

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You know you had a superlative bad weekend in the office and desperately need a crazy weekend to ease off ….

1. When you trusted this week there will be less work load, and that same week became a hulk of work!

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2. When you had been planning to get back home early this week, but you had to stay back till late every night.

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3. The nearby poultry’s ‘Murge ki baang’ reminded you it’s way past the time you needed to head back home to sleep.

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4. When you thought ‘OK at least the management will pay for my dinner’, and it did… but the late night outside meals made your stomach upset. And everyone came to know but were too polite to say to your face!

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5. When you did everything you could to get some application to work and gave up eventually, but the error would just not give up.

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6. When due to your late night adventures you woke up late each morning and reached office late, until your ‘S-A-D-U’ boss yelled at you and lectured you on ‘punctuality’!

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7. When you thought your timely and efficient work will get you a well deserved appreciation but instead the client howled at you for all the bugs and low standard of work! What an a****le!

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8. When a ‘kamina’ colleague took away the credit for the work you had been working your a** off, for the whole week!

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9. When the whole week you had been doing over-overwork so that you can complete the mountains of pending work on your table!

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10. When you had been hoping for a sexy new colleague to join your ‘all boys army school’ of a team this week but got a 45yrs old uncle as one!

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11. When you miserably failed at an important business presentation and had nightmares of losing your job….oh precious bill paying job please don’t leave me!

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