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13 Things You Do When You Are Drunk

1. Tell your friends these golden words “YOU ARE MY BROTHER”…even if you hate him by heart


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2. Miss your ex girlfriend listening to a romantic song and show others that you are sad

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3. Call an old friend and talk for hours till your battery die and you sleep with phone lying on your ears.


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4. Sleep wherever you are..

drunk and slept

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5. Dance aggressively without any concern for people personal space.

drunk indian

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6. Consider themselves professional singer, no wonder what they make others go through with their poor singing.

drunk singeing

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7. Chat with strangers in the toilet.

indian toilets

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8. Tweet or post something dumb on facebook and regretting about it they next morning.

facebook drunk

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9. Discussing school days with friends and complaining about everything in present.

drunk friedns

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10. Ordering four times the amount of food which you are capable of eating.

Food drunks

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11. Urinate in public.


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13. Last but not the least – “I am not drunk”

i am not drunk meme

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