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14 Commandments Of Dating A Go-Getter You Should Never Break

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A go-getter is someone who knows what he wants and how to get it. He is ambitious, workaholic and doesn’t and can’t stop at anything to achieve his goal. A go-getter has his aim sorted out and his passion is fiery. If you are dating or want to date someone like that, you should better get acquainted and accustomed to some of his ways which may seem cold and selfish from a distant look but are in fact nothing more than a reflection of someone who is passionate about his dreams. Here are 14 commandments that you must clearly understand and not break at any cost if you want to date this go-getter.

14 Commandments Of Dating A Go-Getter You Should Never Break

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1. Don’t push him to spend more time with you.

He is making the best of his time to achieve his dreams, which is his foremost goal and then to be with you in the left time because he wants to be with you. So, questioning his liking for you on the basis of the amount of time he spends with you is not the right way to look at the relationship.


2. Don’t ever ask him to set his priority.

When there are two things that need his attention, his work and his relationship. He’ll pick the former one first always. That’s not because he does’t care but only because his work is his priority.


3. Don’t expect commitment from him any time soon.

He isn’t the commitment type of a guy so trying to force that out of him is not going to work. Solution? Let him breathe, get comfortable and do it in his own sweet time.


4. When he commits, take it for the truth.

He’s the type of guy who doesn’t have time for games. If he does commit to you it mean he really enjoys your company as much as he enjoys his work and given his love for his work, that’s a big thing. So, instead of doubting him on the basis of his priority or the amount of time he spends over work, is only duping yourself.


5. Be prepared to listen to a lot of work related talk.

There will be a lot of business talk, project ideas and work humour when your are with him. It may sound like gibberish to you but he’s actually sharing his most loved passion with you and that’s all because he feels you are an important part of his life.


6. Get used to him to get zoned off sometimes.

It will be a common scenario for him to suddenly transfer into a completely different zone when he hits on a solution for a work problem while in a conversation with you. What’s important to know here is that, it’s not because he’s not interested in what you are saying but because work is more than just a part of his life, so it is always on his mind.


7. Don’t ask him to slow down.

He can celebrate his success for a day or two but don’t expect him to linger onto that forever. The next instant he’ll be at his workstation to give himself a reason to celebrate an another victory with you. You may think he is exhausted but in reality, this is just how he keeps going.


8. Never interrupt him while working or be prepared for a cold response.

His work needs his undivided attention. Stopping to talk to you only breaks his train of thought which is bad for his work. So, wait till he finishes because he blocks away every noise and other disturbing elements just to concentrate well on his work.


9. Don’t assume you won’t be a part of his future.

When dating a go-getter, there is a lot of future plans in the conversation. He is so interested in the future because it helps him to keep his mind clear and him focussed on his goal. So, if he isn’t dwelling on the past memorable moments you shared or talking about the present, it doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t in his future plans.


10. Don’t suspect his motive to be with you.

He doesn’t need something to get rid off his loneliness or boredom and he isn’t there because it’s convenient for him. If that had been the case, he would have been working rather than being with you. Right? If he chooses to hang out with you than bury his head in his project, it’s actually because he likes to be with you above and beyond anything else.


11. Give him a date that’s intellectually stimulating not just romantic.

Go-getters are intellectual people. He would appreciate it more if the date be productive and fun at the same time than be the routine movie and dinner date. For him, an ideal date is more about taking different classes together, travelling somewhere, attending business conferences and fairs and reading books or magazines side by side and perhaps having an interesting discussion or even a debate.


12. Be understanding and supportive.

The fact that he hangs out with you, shares his deepest passions and dreams with you is because he wants, rather needs his partner’s support. So, instead of shutting him out for being too workaholic or selfish, try to be understanding and support him in his endeavours.


13. Be something more than just his girl.

There is nothing more boring to him than a girl who doesn’t have a life and aspirations of her own. Live your life, enjoy it and  work up your passion because that’s what he truly respects and seeks in his beau. If you can be ambitious yourself and appreciate him too for for that, there is no denying he will be so much devoted to you.


14. Respect him for his passion to be successful.

He may already be successful or may have everything in him to be so. So, if you always dreamt of being with someone with power and the courage to earn that, a go-getter is one for you.

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