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14 Images That Sum Up Valentine’s Day In The Cutest And The Funniest Way Possible

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Valentine’s Day is just the blink of an eye away. While most girls would be ready to faint with excitement, guys would be all be trembling expecting the worst outcome or better shall we say, out’go’ of their hard-pinched pocket money! Go on. have a look at these hilarious pictures that could actually be speaking your heart (for girls) and minds (for guys)!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚


Ohh… The wait!

Valentine Week




It’s the ultimate dilemma.

Valentine Morning Preparation



Bed of roses aka bundle of thorns.

Valentine FLowers



Mystery (un)wraps.

Valentine Gift Packing



A little closer.

Valentine Bike Ride



The visionary.

Valentine Movie





Valentine Date Secret



No words can express better….Than (then) Google.

Valentine Greeting Message




Being honest.

Valentine Expression




A giant leap.

Valentine Proposal



Romance= INR 6500/- Taxes extra.

Valentine Dinner




Who gets the most likes?

Valentine Day Selfies



True story.

Valentine Day Status



Count it down.

Valentine Day Memories

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day!!

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