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15 Signs Show You Will Have A Wonderful Partner

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When you have been single from times unknown and while all your friends are mingling you obviously start thinking you will but remain single all your life (and sighh… secretly thanking your Indian origin parents who still believe in arranged marriages). But as ironic as it may sound, a black comedy of sorts, rejoice in the fact that even if you are single now there is little chance you will remain so even in the future if you have the following traits.

1. You know when to be an adult and when to let your inner child soar.

Being an adult doesn’t mean you have all your sh*t sorted out. Yet even paying your own bills counts. You could be happy and bubbly at play but that doesn’t hinder you from taking sensible decisions and performing your duties seriously. You are at ease with taking responsibilities for your own actions even if that means you having to say sorry to someone.


2. You have a clear picture of how you want your partner to be.

Who doesn’t know how they want their partner to be, right? Wrong. Most people have a kinda sorta idea of how they want their partner to be with adjectives making up for their expectations like, ‘she must be smart’, ‘he will be considerate’ etc etc. But if you know specifically what you want in your partner like if you want them to be passionate about their goal in life or want them to be an avid reader, well, you are more likely to find such a person.


3. You are the right amount of self-ish.

Loving yourself isn’t being selfish. If you put your partner’s needs before you all the time and keep taking care of the world but you then it is only going to result in you being upset, resentful and drained. So, if you give your own self-care the priority and truly love yourself then it is more likely your zest for life would attract the right person.


4. You know yourself better than anybody.

As important it is to know what you want in your partner so is to know  your own likes and needs. If you are comfortable with yourself and know very well if you love or hate something or what ticks you off, you can find the right person who can make your needs met and lead a happy relationship with you.


5. You don’t want someone to change you for ‘better’.

You have a life of your own with your own priorities. You have ambition, hobbies and may enjoy hanging out with your goofy friends or taking a dance lesson. So, the bottom line is you don’t want to be saved from your present life so that you can be happy(ier) in your imagined future life with your bae. You don’t want someone to change your world, you only want someone to be a part of it.


6. You don’t want someone so you can fix them.

You are not onto a project to rehabilitate someone. As much as you love your own space and freedom so do you honour others’. So, instead of wanting someone so you can mould to fit your style, you would accept them as they are and compromise.


7. You are not afraid to be emotionally and physically viable.

A relationship needs to be capable of free flowing love to and fro. And for that reason you need to be willing to be physically and emotionally present for them in their times of need and commit to the relationship without trying to keep your option s open.


8. You are good at listening.

If you have it in you to listen to your talkative friend go on and on about her boyfriend or your dad rant about how irresponsible you are without interrupting them you are definitely a good listener. So, if you are open to be courteous and thoughtful by listening to them rather than rolling your eyes or checking your phone every minute you have one of the most important traits in you of a good beau that usually people lack.


9. You can communicate yourself effectively too.

Rather than being painfully diplomatic or passive-aggressive, you are known to give your thoughts the words they need. You can state clearly and effectively what you want and need rather than playing games and telling them instead what you don’t want.


10. Your flaws don’t bother you even if you may not like them.

You know you have flaws. Who doesn’t? But the best part is you are aware of them and don’t get queasy. Being bothered by your shortcomings is a great way to break your self confidence. You on the other hand are open to look like and idiot sometimes, being emotionally vulnerable and also making mistakes. It is better to be comfortably you than pretend to be someone else. It is after all the perfect recipe to attract someone who may truly like you.


11. You understand the importance of the word ‘equality’.

A relationship is all about equality. It is what keeps it healthy and fresh. It is about the responsibilities and rights too that need to be equally shared between the two of you. When you aren’t stuck up and pay the bill telling your date to get it next time, you are more likely to win a great partner.


12. You love winning but don’t mind losing either.

If you are okay with losing a game with your friend sometime and genuinely appreciate their skill then you don’t feel the incessant need to prove yourself every time and so is your ego in check. This is very essential in a relationship too. Fights are common in a relationship and those don’t necessarily mean the end. Instead of getting bitter and planning on a revenge, you adore their winnings and accept your defeat, helping you both to jump back quickly to being happily crazy again.


13. You are capable of apologising.

While you may not actually love to say the ‘sorry’ word it is something you can do because you hold relationships more important than your ego. The same goes when others make a mistake and you forgive them. This is what keeps any relationship resent free and loving.


14. You are appreciative.

You do not take anybody or any of their gestures for granted. You appreciate their doings for you no matter how small. Who wants to be taken as for granted in a relationship anyway? So, this is how you show them what they are worth by telling them thank you and doing something for them as well from time to time.

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