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15 Things That Prove Single Dads Make The Best Dates

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Are you looking for love but leaving single dads out? Not a good idea. For all you know, they have the potential of being the best dates possible. These guys are undoubtedly the most loving, caring and selfless persons you can ever date. Why you ask? That’s because they have their amazing toddlers cum grooming team to take care of that. Read on to find more.

15 Things That Prove Single Dads Make The Best Dates

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1. The fact that he has kids and single handedly raising them so well, makes it obvious he’s mature and responsible unlike the rest of his community.

2. And even if he lets them have chocolate for breakfast, you know he is and will be a wonderful father because he loves kids so much.

3. When he has to braid her little girl’s hair for school, you know he’s not the usual towel-on-bathroom-floor and socks-misplaced kind of a person.

4. He has to personally go through the hell of making his 3 and 5 year old devil’s-own-apprentices drink milk and go to bed. So, no doubt the training has made him gentle, patient and resilient.

5. When there are young kids growing in the house and he’s the one responsible for them, he has to keep his habits clean and straight for them to see him as a role model.

6. The days of practice put into catching them mid air when they jump off the table to fly like superman or bandaging their wounds every evening after the a play cum war in the park, makes them undoubtedly caring and loving.

7. He could be a brutal lawyer or a kicka*s athlete, but still he has learnt the art of adapting to different people around him with his regular piggyback rides and gentle good night kisses to his kids.

8. He’s handy too. Right from fixing a broken toy to cooking up a silly story to make his children laugh, he can almost do anything. They don’t call him super dad for nothing.

9. The fact that he is almost always ready to give up the last cookie for his kiddo even if he’s right about to dip it in his tea, earns him the title of an unselfish rather a selfless person.

10. He hardly finds time for himself over the many grooming-caring-playing routines of his children, so just a thoughtful helping hand is what that is enough to make him happy.

11. Not to mention, that’s what makes him appreciate the importance of personal space.

12. The tons of funny jokes and silly faces that he’s able to pull now, clearly makes him the king of fun and humour.

13. That his kids are there, he mastered the skill of being the bigger person, treating his ex with respect and understanding.

14. It would’t be too much to say his children are his world, and so if he’s letting anybody to share that with, it’s got to be someone he feels has a substance of character and not just good looks.

15. From the numerous make belief tea parties with the dolls to hide and seek and everything in between, the man has to play many games. It is needless to say thus, he has no strength left to play games with anybody else. He’s there looking for a meaningful relationship.

16. And oh! They are undoubtedly the world’s greatest cuddlers. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚

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