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16 Common Embarrassing Situations Everybody Can Relate To

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All of us must have had a million of embarrassing situations registered to our names. Everybody makes flukes, makes a complete idiot of himself and all the time. Some of the commonest and also the most hilarious embarrassing situations which everyone on earth can relate to…

1. Staring at someone a long time to recall who that is.

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2. Or staring blankly in the air only to find out you have been staring at a complete stranger who has creeped out now! Oops!

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3. Laughing at something that only you found funny when nobody else did.

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4. Laughing uncontrollably and so much that it made you snort. Crap! Hope it wasn’t your crush whose joke you were ;laughing on.

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5. Making seriously disgusting sound in public and pretending you you did’t do it.

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6. Trying to hear what the people standing next to you are talking about.

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7. Peeping into somebody’s phone over their shoulder.

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8. Sending a text or a missed call to someone and saying it was by mistake.

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9. Attempting to shake hands with someone but accidentally kissing or touching them in the totally wrong areas!

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10. Wearing clothes inside out or mismatching footwear in public.

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11. Thinking of something and start smiling or laughing sitting all alone.

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12. Not understanding a thing what the other person said to you and laughing in response, when he quizzically stares at you.

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13. Trying to make an impression on somebody and slipping down to fall right in front of him.

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14. Going on talking to somebody or holding his/her hand and suddenly realizing it’s not who you thought him to be!

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15. Thinking someone has a major crush on you, but when you are showing him/her your tantrums, he dismisses you.

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16. Calling someone names while talking to somebody, only to find out that person is you just abuse is this person’s dad or him himself!

Horny Chulbul Pandey! That’s all

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