17 Things Which Only Lazy People Can Relate To And Smile

17 Things Which Only Lazy People Can Relate To And Smile

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You know you are lazy when;

1. You pretend to be sleeping so that you may not have to get up to switch off the light.

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2. You can bend at such awkward angles to pick up fallen things that you can give gymnasts a run for their money.


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3. You open your mouth to say something but then shut up just because ‘speaking is just a waste of energy’!

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4. You make plans for morning walk each night but end up putting your alarm on endless snoozing sessions. Your alarm clock also gives up trying to wake you in the end.

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5. You prefer deodorants over bathing for maybe days at length.

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6. You try to find the easiest way out to do everything.

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7. You are a protagonist of comfort over style and like to go everywhere in your PJs; from taking your dog for a walk to going out to mall with your friends.

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8. You can watch 3-4 or maybe even more movies back to back on weekends


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9. You pride yourself in gracefully turning a deaf ear to people when they call you for any work.

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10. You are absolutely hating what’s running on the TV but still don’t change the channel only because the remote is kept on the table before you and not in your hand.

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11. You only be too nice to little children because they can be your personal Oompa Loompas; running and fetching things for you.

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12. You control the urge for peeing voluntarily for an hour or until your stomach starts aching.

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13. You call your wife or mother to get you a glass of water saying you are working when you are actually reading sports updates online.

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14. You usually curse the Indian food to have four separate staples of roti, subzi, daal and chawal for two times’ meals a day; but generally end up making just daal and rice.

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15. You have taken a leave from your work at least once just so you can sleep all day.

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16. You would rather slump back on your couch than go buy groceries; even if  all that’s left in the name of some eatable is a week old loaf of bread!

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17. You keep putting off laundry plans and have to smell your clothes to test which of them may pass as fresh.

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