17 Types Of People You Find At An Indian House Party

17 Types Of People You Find At An Indian House Party

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So are you planning that house warming party or just a get together? Well, be wary of all the types of strange creatures you are gonna meet there.

1. The Parvati & Tulsis. Didn’t get a more suitable name.These are those ultra- sanskaari guests believe it’s their ‘dharma’ to help the host in everything. Super sweethearts though they may be, they can sometimes cause you diabetes with their over-sweetness!

anushka sharma

They will say no to everything but drink alcohol secretly with coke πŸ™‚

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2. The drunkards. These are those creatures who will arrive first and straight away head to the bar. Oh! Hi, Hello, Kem Chho? Majha ma? Now let me do what I came came for? Enjoying free liquor?!!

sonam kapoor

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3. The Energy Boasters. All you would hear from them is “Yeh toh kuch bhi nhin hai…”! Mentally register every word… and you will stock enough laughter to last a month!!

Deepika Padukone

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4. The Cry Babies. Oh God!  They have a magnanimous ability to turn every hot n’ happenin’ party floor into a gloomy dungeon! Statutory warning: Please stay as less with them as you possibly can.preeti

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5. The Know-Alls.  They will make those few hours a living hell for you, teaching you the ‘correct’ way to for everything, even to blow a balloon! Please try not to hit them on their heads with that wine bottle in your hand.


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6. The Fault Finders. These are another of those beings whom you murder a million times in your thoughts! They find faults with everything, the music’s down market, the kebabs are not perfectly cooked and the soup is too watery.

katrina kaif

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7. The Betters! They would bet on anything and everything. Bet you a thousand bucks I can make that hottie go out with me’, ‘Bet I can drink the whole jug of this margarita in one gulp’ etc. etc. I bet you will find one of theses species in every party.

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8. The Jokers! No party is devoid of these beings. They are the most popular guests and you will find hordes of your guest all surrounding him to enjoy the free stand up comedy!


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9. The Trouble Makers! Oh dear… We only wish we didn’t have to invite them at all! They would start their action-drama over absolutely anything… If its a nudge will they will call it a deliberate assault.

Akshay Kumar

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10. The Food Mongers! These are those of that come to a party only so they can eat like pigs, as if God has let them in on his plans of drought starting from the very next day!

3 Idiots

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11. The Crazy Dancers! These strange creatures are on the dance floor the moment they arrive in a party and don’t even mind shaking that booty all by themselves.



funny dance

You can laugh at them for the rest of your life πŸ™‚

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12.  And the few once who can dance to whole night!! They drink —> dance—> drink—> dance! and this goes on till early morning! Abhi to party shuru hui hai πŸ™‚


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13. The once who never admit that they are drunk!


They are never drunk until they fall down on the floor and not able to get up..Phew!!

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14. The ones who talk nonsense on phone after getting drunk.

Ask them to order food after they are drunk and see the

ordering food

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15. The Creepy Ones. They smile at every girl in the party.


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16. The Occasional Dancers! They prefer dancing only when their is a girl around πŸ™‚

senorita viral

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17. The Once Who Are Always On The Phone!

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