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19 Things About A Carefree Girl That Make You Thank Your Stars That You Are Dating Her

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It is a common thing for a person to find himself drawn to his stark opposite. So, if you are an uptight and careful person you are most likely to be attracted by a truly carefree and free spirited one. A carefree girl is not careless, it is just that she has learnt the skill of taking life lightly as it has always meant to be. It is both refreshing and amazing to date a girl like that. If you too are dating such a girl, you can’t help but thank your stars for you being with her.

19 Things About A Carefree Girl That Make You Thank Your Stars That You Are Dating Her

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1. She doesn’t care for approval from others, neither counts on you having hers. You are as free to listen to your heart as she is.

2. She doesn’t care about social media which means she doesn’t spy on you, doesn’t do research on your past or points out the glitches in your social lifestyle.

3. She believes in ticking off the items on her bucket list rather than sitting idly and listen to the clock ticking by. Each moment is full of life and adventure with her.

4. She believes in the present. Your exes are your past and they should remain there. She is breath of fresh air when she doesn’t bring them up or get jealous when you do.

5. She has no fads. Yes she is passionate and loves to pursue her interests but going crazy after something is not her style.

6. She is not afraid to take risks or take decisions on her own. When she wants to be with you, she won’t let you hanging on the fence. You are either in or way out.

7. She isn’t hooked onto TV shows. Yes she likes to watch a good movie or a show sometime, but that can’t get her addicted. So, she doesn’t mind if you want to watch a match or play PS any time. Breathing easy already?

8. She is far off from any regrets. She is not your average cry baby, instead she is someone who makes you see the good in the mistakes you committed and help you move forward.

9. She doesn’t have a place for nostalgia. While other girls lament on the past experiences and long to go back to that amazing time they may have spent, she is one who believes in making newer and more beautiful memories.

10. She is self made and self dependant. She doesn’t like to depend on you or her parents to fulfil her wishes. She may like to party hard but she likes it more to pay for her own drinks.

11. She has no place in her life for self doubt. She is a confident and independent girl who has faith in herself. This is what draws the world to her because if you won’t believe in yourself, who else will?

12. She has the greatest company. Her friends are as fun and happy people as herself. She doesn’t like the company of bad people or bad habits.

13. She doesn’t compare. A carefree girl that she is, knows that every person is unique in himself and so she respects that difference and accepts you as you are.

14. She doesn’t hold prejudices. She keeps herself free from any reservations or presumptions which makes it really refreshing to be in her company when you can breathe freely without trying to be someone you aren’t.

15. She doesn’t blindly follow social norms. You won’t ever find her obsessing over her calorie intake or the brand she’s wearing. She is reasonable and doesn’t give into empty social standards of being.

16. She doesn’t linger onto what ifs. She lives in the moment without excessively giving thought to something and ruining what’s there in her hand right then.

17. She is the prototype of freedom. She truly lives up to her right of freedom. This doesn’t mean she puts at stake others’, but exercises her own and lets you too without holding you back.

 18. She is spontaneous. You will never find her opting for the obvious and setting out following rules. When you are with her, there is always room for unknown adventure and excitement.

19. She doesn’t commit easily. A carefree person is a free spirit. She doesn’t like to hold on to something so it takes her longer than usual to commit to a relationship. You need to let them be than decide too quickly you are wasting your time because when a carefree girl does commit, she really means it.

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