7 Things You Plan On Your Salary Day vs Reality

7 Things You Plan On Your Salary Day vs Reality

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Every month when we receive our paycheck, we make numerous resolutions to spend less and wisely. All that goes into the drain when like every damn month we find ourselves barely trying to meet our ends by the end of the month. Grave or not, these situations will surely tickle that funny bone of yours.


EXPECTATION: I got salary today. I will set aside a part of my income for savings and definitely not even touch it. Its a promise to myself.

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REALITY: End up using a little, then a little more until it can’t be called as a saving anymore.


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EXPECTATION: I will cut down on my expenses.

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REALITY: Buy a new pair of jeans even when I did not need it. “Doesn’t ‘expenses’ tie up to ‘expensive buys? (Yeah right.)  I bought this one on a 45% sale! Total saver”!

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EXPECTATION: I will walk to work every day to save some money.

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REALITY: “It was just a cab today (and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday ). I will definitely walk tomorrow”. Take cab anyway.

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EXPECTATION: I will cook at home. “Restaurants are anyway unhygienic as hell”!

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REALITY: “Umm.. Exposure to germs boots your immune system. I read that in school”. (Gosh…!!)

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EXPECTATION: I will buy everything in wholesale and stock them.

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REALITY: “Bread, veges, meat and eggs.. all need to be fresh! And what about coffee?!! Naah.. wholesale’s not gonna work for me.”

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EXPECTATION: I will get an FD or at least a recurring account. This way I will not be able to spend unnecessarily no matter how much I want to.

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REALITY: “Not be able to spend?!! But what if there’s some emergency? (Like what? Chipped-nails crisis?) Sorry, this is a bad bad idea!”

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EXPECTATION: I am not going to use my credit card.

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REALITY: Use it anyway; for paying restaurant bills, booking ‘My Cabs’ and buying discounted jeans! 😉 LOL

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