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7 Travel Sites And Apps You Must Know

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A travel junkie does not need a reason to travel and to make their travel, life more exciting there are travel websites and apps which help travelers discover best destinations to travel and also take care of the logistics involved in travelling.

Below is the list of recommended travel websites and apps a travel enthusiast should browse while making travel decision in India.

1. MakeMyTrip for Travel Discovery

Travel decision starts with travel discovery. MakeMyTrip offers you discovery of weekend gateways, travel offers, holiday packages and many more. You can download MakeMyTrip travel app here (Android, iOS, Windows)


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2. for Discount and deals

If you are looking at discount and good rates on your travel bookings is the site to keep as bookmark or download the app here. (Android, iOS)


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3. IRCTC for Train bookings

IRCTC helps you book train tickets online across India. IRCTC is also available on Android app.  You can download the app here.


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4. Redbus for Bus bookings

Redbus is simple and easy way of booking a bus online. It provides you live inventory availability of bus networks across the country and helps you to make booking online. It also allows you to select your choice of seat. You can download redbus app here (Android, iOS, Windows)


image source: redbus

5. UBER and OLA for taxi services

UBER and Ola helps you to book taxi on the go which you are traveling in India. It is recommended to check the availability of Uber and Ola in the travel destination before you count on them. However in metro cities they are majorly available for booking. You can download UBER and OLA app.


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6. OYO Rooms for Budget Hotel

OYO Rooms offers you affordable hotel booking across the county. Oyo is delightful and great place to stay, it offers standard room, wifi and complimentary breakfast. (subject to availability) You can download OYO app here. (Android, iOS, Windows)


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7. Zomato for Restaurants discovery

If you want to discover hotels nearby in India, Zomato is the app to carry with you. It offers your restaurant address, contact number, menu and online order (online order only on few selected locations). You can download the app here (Android, iOS)


image source: Zomato, featured image souce

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