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8 Reasons Why Sundays Were Better In The 90s

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It was a bliss to wake up to the exciting Sundays. No school, no books, all day fun and play! Let’s look back on those golden days we spent in the 90s.

1. It was a craze to enjoy B.R. Chopra’s Mahabharata and Ramayana! The streets went empty and everyone seemed to be hooked on to their television sets.

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2. We as kids then, used to be over enthusiastic to wake up early since we had all morning to play cricket with our friends or hide and seek all day!

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3. Nothing like Jungle Book… ‘Jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai’; was our mantra and pronouncing ‘pehan’ as ‘pahann’ was an absolute must.

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4. We still swear by the wondrous treasure hunts we went on with ‘Duck Tales’ and ‘Talespin’ on Disney Hour. They are still our favorite cartoon.

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5. The Sunday lunches always consisted of specials made by our mummies which we relished every bit of, watching movies on DD1; a Sunday must.

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6. The evenings were just the best though when we could play ourselves dirty for hours, since we finished our homework obediently the day before itself just to get this precious time.

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7. And when you got back home, you could hear the Cibaca Geet Mala playing on the radio. Though hated by you it definitely stood out in defining your Sunday, isn’t it?

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8. Although the greatest advantage of a Sunday in those days was, we could run off again after dinner, to have a walk with friends, which inadvertently turned into exciting races!

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As our moms called us back home (a little furious, LOL), we climbed back into our beds cursing the day ended so soon and hoping for the next Sunday to arrive much faster. Those Sundays don’t arrive anymore though. But their sweet memories still tickle and freshen us every time we think of them.

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