9 Annoying Signs Which Proves Its An Indian In the Movie Theater

9 Annoying Signs Which Prove’s That Its An Indian In the Movie Theater

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You can recognize people by their natural traits pertaining to the regions they belong to. Indians too have some typical antics when it comes to going for a movie in a theater.

1. They would buy samosa during interval and drink free water from the vendor selling soft drinks. Didn’t your mommy tell you ‘bahar ka khana’ is bad for your health! 🙂

image source /Yash Raj Films


2.They would put their legs up on the seat in their front and tell the person in front! A guy’s gotta get comfy; don’t you think?

image source /Sony Pictures- Meteor Pictures


3. They will bring their whole family for a get together in the movie hall. Movie ki movie, get-together ka…..

image source /Sony Pictures- Meteor Pictures


4. They would chat constantly, passing comments on the movie and passing that popcorn that they brought with them. Speaking is their birthright and they shall have it.

Ranveer Singh

image source /Eros International


5. When a hot song plays on the screen they would very diligently hoot and whistle at the ‘item girl’. And why not? Isn’t it rude to not appreciate the art and the hard work put into it by the actress?

image source /Reliance Entertainment


6. You will also find some of these strange personalities giving her company when it’s their favorite heroine dancing on the screen, by shaking a leg themselves. Why should the poor girl dance all alone?

image source / Hari Om Productions- Three’s Company- UTV Motion Pictures


8. Talking loudly on the phone is in the blood of every Indian, why would they refrain from it in the movie hall then. Each person in the hall can hear one inquiring his ‘babuji’s’ well-being or scolding his son for poor marks!

image source /Yash Raj Films


9. And they always arrive late for a movie! Startling and annoying everyone in the theater, trying to find their seats in the dark, pushing their way in the lane and blocking your view! Oh c’mon, cut them a little slack? Already the poor guys missed the over the top dramatic entry of the heroine!

deepika padukone

image source /Reliance Pictures / Featured Image Source


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