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9 Annoying Things Early Risers Do To Other People At Home Which Is Damn Irritating

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It may be a very good habit in itself to rise up early morning but there are certainly some very annoying habits associated with this that the not-so-early-risers find really irritating and miscreant!

1. They will switch on their daily music dose as soon as they rise up. The blaring Vividh Bharati on radio by your mom is surely not a very pleasing thing to hear when you are still enjoying that beautiful dream.

farida jalal DDLJ

image source/ Yash Raj Films


2. They have a very bad habit of making unbearable noises as if they would be running a bulldozer right there in your bedroom! C’mon! Off with that Mixer Grinder!!


image source/ Reliance Pictures


3. Since its morning for them already, they can’t stand the tranquil darkness in your room either. Whoever told them you want that curtain drawn and that bloody bright sunlight right in your face?!!

salman khan

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4. They would simply assume you are awake too, and start giving you the full agenda of their whole day’s plans. Did you even for once, ask them if they will be going for a haircut at Pammi’s Beauty Parlour that afternoon?


image source/ Reliance Entertainment


5. And clearly not enjoying the monologue, they would even start inquiring you of your plans… Will you be taking your Honda City today? Will you be able to drop her to the Pammi’s? Arrghhhh…..

jab we met

image source/ Shree Ashtavinak Cine Vision Ltd.


6. Definitely not a quitter, they would then try ‘tempting’ you that they are making tea for themselves, and if you would get up now, you may have a chance of getting that elixir as well!

Deepika Padukone

image source


7. When every attempt fails for a chance of a conversation with you, they would just not stand it, and start with coaxing you to get up. What the hell! Let me sleep!!

shahid kapoor

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8. And when they have finally got you up, all bleary eyed, these energy bars, will bombard you with instructions; Brush your teeth, your tea is ready, go get the morning newspaper, help me today with the laundry, and so on……

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

image source/ Dharma Productions


9. They will go on and on about the glory of morning. They would talk about the birds and shining sun, as if they have just had a crush on them! What’s f***ing new?!!

Kabhi khushi kabhi gham

image source/ Dharma Productions / Featured Image/ UTV Motion Pictures


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