9 Pretty Things That Gave Us Immense Happiness When We Were In Schools

9 Small Things That Gave Us Immense Happiness When We Were In Schools

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These small but truly memorable moments are etched in our minds alike, never to fade away. So easy was it before to get happy and maybe that is why those moments of happiness are so powerful that they linger in our hearts even to this day!

1. Absent teacher!

Getting a surprising full period free was enough for everybody to go ‘hurray’!! And if it was a teacher who everybody dreaded, then what better gift could anybody ask for?

image source /Yash Raj Films


2. An extra games period!

Playing ourselves sweaty and dirty on the school playground until you get back and chatter like a monkey discussing how you defeated the other team in the game of volley ball! Pure bliss!

image source /Dharma Productions- Yash Raj Films


3. Even library period did it!

It was always fun to discreetly talk in hushed tones right under the nose of your librarian! And what an epic picture her face made each time she had to suppress herself from shouting at you to ‘maintain silence’!

image source /ShaowMaker Pictures


4.Rainy day!

How you praised your local collector for listening to your prayers and let you miss the school ‘officially’!! It was a delight in itself to get dressed in uniform, wait for bus and when it didn’t come, get to school with your father only to hear ‘It’s a rainy day holiday’!

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5. Picnic or class trip!!

It made your day to hear a picnic or better still a class trip declared by your ‘princi’ on the intercom! The thought itself was so much fun, to be out somewhere other than the school premises, with your classmates!

image source /Dharma Productions- Yash Raj Films


6. Bunking School!

It was the time to make plans to ‘bunk’ the school or at least the classes and hide from the teachers somewhere in the K.G. classes or the canteen (everybody had a mamu or a sweet watchman dada there who helped us in our crimes)!

image source /Eros International


7. Annual function/ Sports day preparation!

Most exciting time of the whole academic year! You got free classes, so much action going on everywhere, preparing dance programs, skits etc. And if you were that kid who participated too then you would vote this point to be on the top.

image source /UTV Motion Pictures


8. Diwali/Dussehra or Christmas vacations!

You would definitely agree we still feel the period from October to December to be the most satisfying, happy and serene time of all. So many festivals, cold weather-warm blankets and lots of sweets to eat..Whose can ever forget their magic?!!

image source /SLB Films

9. Christmas or Feast day celebrations!

Going to school in ‘colored dresses’, getting sweets to eat and watching our friends perform or better still perform dances ourselves! Most wondrous!

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Bonus meme which describes all of us 🙂




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