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9 Truths Of Dating A Chatterbox

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When you are dating a chatterbox some things come by as a given. The utterly chirpy beau may be too noisy and irritating at times talking on and on and on but at the same time he can be cute and extremely loving. Read on to find out the real truths only that person who is dating a chatterbox can relate to.

9 Truths Of Dating A Chatterbox

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1. You will never have a one liner lovey dovey message from them in your inbox. It will always be something close to an essay in your praise.

2. And when it’s a phone call, you can be sure you can take a nap or run an errand and still return to them telling their side of the ‘story’ with full details.

3. You never have to worry them hiding something from you for all you know they can’t even hide letting you in on the irksome pimple on a place you may never ever have wanted to know.

4. You can never dream of getting the perfect couple pic. After all, that would require them to shut their mouth and smile instead.

5. Your secrets are no longer yours but for everyone at the table to enjoy because you know you committed the crime of sharing it with your beau.


6. You start appreciating silence in a whole new way. You can’t fight the urge of disconnecting from the world and getting lost somewhere your beau can’t accompany you.


7. They always have something nice to say to make your day even when it has been through perhaps the worst rough patch ever.

8. And they always make you laugh with their stupid talks and the funny antics that come in tagged along.


9. But above all you know their love for talking gets ridiculously out of control in front of you, because they connect with you and want you to be privy on everything they feel and experience.

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