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Do You Also Feel Shy To Ask A Man Out?

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There’s your crush, passing by in front of you, giving you that warm smile that melts your insides and leaves you all warm and tingly. But he doesn’t have the slightest idea how you feel about him. Not that even being in your 20s, you scribble his name in your diary and play FLAMES, stealthily. Not that you hated coffee but now drown a cup every half an hour just to catch a glimpse of his dimpled cheeks from the vending machine. And not even this, that he doesn’t even know how may times you have tried to ask him out, but each time ask him for a pen instead, since apparently you have had lost yours!

Why is that so?

It’s not just you being timid and nervous to ask him out but also the fathomed embarrassment stemming from ‘a girl’ asking a guy out. Our society is brimming with such nonsensical do’s and don’t’s for a woman and a man.

Asking out is a guy’s thing they say, only it’s not. It’s not about women empowerment but a matter to think about. If you are smart, independent and attractive why can’t you go about asking a man you like on a date? Why wait for him to get the cue? Or worse, let him be with someone else, while you are waiting all this while.

Yes, being shy could be a serious issue for you, tying up your hands but then think of it as a casual meeting. Don’t you ever tell a friend let’s go out sometime? Butterflies in your stomach can make it hard but that’s a good thing too. It will make him know, it’s not just a friendly approach but something more than that.

Take things one step higher each time. You need to put in an effort to look good, which I’m sure you must already be doing. Smile big and greet him warmly whenever you see him and yeah, start flirting harmlessly; maybe compliment him over his new hair cut or gently touch his hand while talking. He’ll get the hint. Then casually ask him if he’s free for dinner next week. Pulling things slowly and steadily will set the wheels in motion.

So, stop procrastinating and ask him out already. It’s your date and when you are smart woman and know what you desire, you don’t need any preconditioned norms to stop your feet.

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