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Breaking 45 Typical Indian Stereotypes To Stop Presuming Everything

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We live in  a world where everyone and everything is presumed. We have reservations for all. It’s hard for us to look at anybody with a  fresh outlook and welcome his differences. And not just that, we are ourselves constantly in the race of trying to fitting ourselves in! Why? What is the need to  stereotype things? It’s really a high time we start looking at the world with a new and prejudice free glasses.

1. Because it’s not the dress code here..

stereotype 1


2. Because there are actually people who are truly self-made..

stereotype 4


3. Because it doesn’t require a marriage certificate…

stereotype 12


4. Because being a Delhite doesn’t translate into being domestically violent to women.

stereotype 20


5. Because it’s travelling a she likes not necessarily binging.

stereotype 7


6. Because they are as much a part of this country as you and me.

stereotype 21


7. Because reading could be loved by anyone..

stereotype 27


8. Because language is only a medium of communication..

stereotype 32


9. Because they are not the descendants of Jaadu

stereotype 36


10. Because even we aren’t Italian and still love pizza…

stereotype 45


11. Because, even Star City is a bike….

stereotype 26


12. Because being a Punjabi doesn’t stand for Patiala pegs..

stereotype 44


13. Because a good art can never remain hidden…

stereotype 48


14. Because ek ladka aur ek ladki sirf dost nahin ho sakte was just a dialogue from a movie….

stereotype 50


15. Because no doubt girls like to shop but they too like to be self-dependant just as you guys….

stereotype 22


16. Because fashion is just about defining yourself… Not your definition.

stereotype 40


17. Because even we are Indians and it’s not our mother tongue either…

stereotype 15


18. Because even they need to reach for work on time…

stereotype 17


19. Because being Mother India doesn’t require running about the trees dancing…



20. Because doing what you love doesn’t alter your gender…

stereotype 35


21. Because the RTO didn’t deny license me on the grounds that I’m a female…

stereotype 33


22. Because poems need a conscious mind…

stereotype 41


23. Because the canteen also offers other things…

stereotype 38


24. Because you always have a choice to move elsewhere…




25. Because there is something called as a metabolism…



26. Because respecting women isn’t community specific…



27. Because sooti saree is not the precondition to helping the society…



28. Because even she filled ‘good handwriting’ books in school…



29. Because not all have a questionable taste in music…



30. Because it’s neither fair not lovely to be a racist….




31. Because no degree can force you to not take up your dreams…



32. Because your taste buds do not know which state you belong to…



33. Because you only marry once and with your own species…



34. Because if you ever passed your primary school you would know Madrasi is just for Tamil Nadu residents; and that’s just one of the states from South India…



35. Because Delhi is not an another name for Sick Perverts Club…



36. Because it gets paid to be skilled….



37. Because what people tend to confuse modernism to with short skirts is just westernisation….



37. Because I could actually uproot a hand-pump and blown your head way…



38. Because all love comfort over style…it’s not just a phrase…



39. Because it’s after all your ‘sir’ ki kheti



40. Because it would sad if I die and not be able to do modelling any more…



41. Because loving blue doesn’t make you a lesbian….



42. Because 10 rupaiye ke liye se jhik jhik even I don’t like….



43. Because it doesn’t cost anything to make someone laugh either…



44. Because red is also the colour of danger…



45. Because they do not have this law there…

stereotype 29

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