Enough Of Titles Which Says - What Happened Next Will Blow Your Mind

Funny Spoof On The Rising Wave Of Social Experiments In India

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Early in 2010-11 whole internet was flooded with article titles starting with “Top 10“. When users got bored and turned their back from Top 10, the new era of social journalism started and again internet is flooded with articles ending with ” What Happened Next Will Blow Your Mind“. When you click on these titles you end up watching a social experiment which blows your mind..wait..not mind but emotions for sure as majority of social experiment are on topics which you can relate with your daily life.  There is no real source saying if the producers of these videos being social activist but they pretend to be the most concerned person about society.

A famous Youtube channel TheViralFever has come up with a bang on creative video in response of all the social experiments you have seen so far on internet which will definitely ” blow your mind

Video and featured image source: Youtube via TheViralFeverVideos

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