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Before You Expect A Happy Relationship Be Happy Yourself

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Nobody can emphasize enough how important it is to keep smiling. I’m not telling you to follow Charlie Chaplin and keep making people laugh and cry when it rains so nobody can find out you’re sad. What I’m saying is that being sad is fine. Being upset is also fine. And so is being angry. These are as much part of life as is a smile, a laugh or a giggle. But don’t be a person who has secretly vowed to the Sacred Society of The Frown Brothers. Or Sisters, doesn’t matter.

If you are annoyed or upset over something, no person can be better than your beau to pester with your tear tales. But the process must not be as common as the frequency of you taking your selfies in the loo. Okay, so you got it now.

When you have a low self esteem or are unhappy with your own life, it clearly reflects in your relationship as well. If it becomes more of a constant routine, it starts affecting both of your lives and the relationship as well making it dull and painful. What you bring then to your dinner table is not the dazzling smile that lights up the atmosphere but something that turns it into a gloom fest.

Do not misunderstand though. Your partner is meant to be there with you in all your happy and sad times with special reference to the sick ones when you have had a tad too much. But then they are there because they love you, which if we take out the clichéd Bollywood version of love at first sight, clearly translates into seeing you happy and smiling always. Now, by the same logic doesn’t that apply to you as well?

If you want to see them happy and by a totally not far- fetched extension, your relationship, you need to start loving yourself first. How on earth can you ever imagine otherwise to love and take care of an another human being? And forget being thoughtful or romantic then!

Being happy is not that a Herculean task either. Whatever that they say about meditating, taking a walk in fresh air, doing yoga or sharing your meal with your loved one is bogus, except it’s not. Do these and try to be content with your life. And when you do have to face untoward situations, please contact your beau. They’ll just be a call away to be there for you. Now, that’s another reason to smile, isn’t it?

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