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Expectations From a Guy Before Marriage Vs. the Reality After It

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The courtship period is the most exciting and tantalizing part of any relationship, but perhaps also the most delusional! What you may expect your future hubby to be like based on how he is now; most certainly turns out to be a completely different reality after you two have married.

1. Expectation before marriage: He would wake you up with a sweet kiss on your forehead and sometimes even a cup of tea for you, right there in the bed.


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Reality after marriage: “Meri chai aur nashta table par laga do, office ke liye der ho rahi hai!” Poor you. You are the one who has to get up even before the sun rises and make him tea.

anushka sharma

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2. Expectation before marriage: He will take you out for movies and dinners frequently.

dil chahta hai

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Reality after marriage: “Arey jab ghar mein hi itna badhiya chef hai toh bahar ka khana kyu khaye?!!” Hmm…don’t get carried away though, he simply means make me some aaloo ke parathe and watch the damn soaps.. save some money woman.

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3. Expectation before marriage:  He will lather you with all the beautiful dresses, shoes and jewelry whenever you want them.

shraddha kapoor

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Reality after marriage: “Umm… darling next month lete hain na.. pakka”. Meaning you would do good to forget it, babes.


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4.Expectation before marriage:  He would help you with the house chores.

imran khan

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Reality after marriage: “Bas ek minute darling, abhi aaya. Let the match get over”. And by the time it’s over, the work’s over. Sure win win!


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5. Expectation before marriage: He would give you lots of hugs and kisses all through the day, whenever he is at home.

kajol and aamir

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Reality after marriage: Umm.. well, this could actually have been true if he didn’t have to read the newspaper, take a bath, watch the match highlights, sleep, eat or sleep again! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜›

arjun kapoor

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