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Finding The Right Person Is Not All!

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We always stress on finding the Mr. Right. According to us, if we succeed in finding that one person we will be happy ever after. But as good as it may sound, know this, that it’s really not the time yet to put in the end credits.

You know it perfectly well how difficult it is to find your true love; that one in a million person who can truly be your soul mate and with whom you can spend your entire life. But a relationship as we very delusionally assume it to be is not just about finding the right guy. It is about being the right person yourself as well.

It is something to think about isn’t it; if you have been so eagerly waiting for that special someone, your partner must be waiting for theirs too. When you so want that perfect someone, who understands you, cares for you and loves you immeasurably, then your beau must also be having similar views about their bae. So, when you expect something from them it is but inevitable that you must also be rightly that person who would fulfils those expectations yourself.

Although it may scare you or look like a lot of effort, it is actually not. In reality though, it’s very simple. If you expect space from them, be willing to give that space to them as well. If you wish they be trusting, don’t become Sherlock yourself and search their call log when they are in washroom. And if you expect them to shower you with small and thoughtful gifts be prepared to loosen your pocket as well.

The key is to give your bae as well something to be proud and happy about. They should feel the warmth and love themselves; after all they are in a relationship too. So if they are your Mr. Right, workout to be their Ms. Right in return.

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