For A Moment It Looks Like She's Flashing Everyone, But The Truth Will Help A Good Cause

For A Moment It Looks Like She’s Doing Something Weird, But It Is For A Good Cause

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What this girl was doing on the roads of Delhi was really shocking for people around ,and they kept staring her. But when you check the reason behind why she was doing, what she was doing ;  you will salute her.

Video and featured image source: Youtube via PrankBaaz – Bach Ke Rehna re Baba !

October 24th is breast cancer day. Keep sharing this video as much as possible to spread the awareness. Breast cancer can be treated and a woman can live normal life after that but only if its detected at early stage. Be proactive and get yourself tested. After all, you owe it to the people who love you

Wear it pink, on Friday 24 October.


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