A Father Becomes 'Poop Guy' For The Dignity Of His Daughter "Unsung Hero" - Viral Stories

A Father Becomes ‘Poop Guy’ For The Dignity Of His Daughter “Unsung Hero”

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Ego, fear of what people would talk and social acceptance, by and large, dictate our deeds in general. Can call it ‘being routine bordering to cowardice’ but it is a fact . Without being judgmental, I would say , there is nothing wrong in it …so what if you are not brave enough to tread the path alone and give a deaf ear to the murmurs around.

Urge you to watch the video about this man, who, in order to provide proper sanitation (not a small thing ) to his girl, does not mind being known as the ‘Poop Guy’. He has gone all out to provide sanitation services to the urban poor . His motto….women’s dignity!

Which daughter would then not proudly say ….’Yes , That’s my DAD & I love him for who he is.’

Video and featured image source: Youtube via GatesFoundation

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