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Girl Harassed In Public By Two Guys…What Would You Do? Stare Or Dare?

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What would you do if you see the geyser on or tap running when you are about to step out of YOUR house? Ofcourse you would switch off the geyser and shut the tap; and also cross check windows, almirahs and the cooking gas and so on. If so much for your house; why not for your surroundings? Why do we ignore, see and ‘unsee’ an immoral act happening in front of our eyes? Isn’t it like an abnormal thing happening in your house , which you need to set right straight away? We cannot be cowards. We might not be incarnations of ‘Johny Bravo’ …. but bravery is not just about physical strength. It is more  about mental willpower in context of day to day life. If you see something untoward happening….ACT! Don’t look away. If you cannot face it alone , call for help ; but just don’t walk away. There are lot of people watching you and may get inspired by you . We alone can make this world a better place to live in. Be the first link to this chain of change and see wonders happening.

Watch this video…makes your blood boil and you wonder why people are not doing anything! What would you do?

Video and featured image source: Youtube via bindass Disclaimer: This was a social experiment by bindass

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