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If You Are Goofy, Here Are 12 Reasons Why She’ll Fall For You

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Whenever you ask a girl what qualities does she want in a guy, somehow ‘a good sense of humour’ is one thing that is never amiss. No girl can deny that a guy who can make her giggle like a silly school girl has something about him that’s absolutely electrifying and magnetic. So, if you are well habitual of making your friends snort with laughter, thank your goofy genes because while you are busy pulling an another Chandler, she maybe feeling an unknown attraction towards you right now.  And here is why.

If You Are Goofy, Here Are 12 Reasons Why She'll Fall For You

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1. You are entertaining.

There’s never a dull moment with you around. You can cheer up anyone and make almost any gathering a lively party.


2. You are quick on your wit.

People need to struggle to keep pace with you while you leave no opportunity to crack a spontaneous joke. And who doesn’t love a witty joker?


3. You are creative and talented.

Anyone can pull a fart joke but to make her laugh hard till her stomach starts hurting and her eyes watery is an art. Only a well knowledgeable person with a a treasure of funny voices and faces can manage to do that.


4. You handle tense situations well.

Debate took on an ugly turn or a friend got dumped? She knows they can leave it on the jester of the group to drop the temperature of the room. You have it in you to make the most appropriate wisecrack to lighten the dense atmosphere.


5. You are friendly and socially skilled.

She knows that if they leave you in a room full of complete strangers and lock the door, it will only be a matter of minutes before they can hear the voices of laughter from inside. You are an expert at small talk and making friends.


6. You notice details.

You have the ability to keenly observe the tiniest of details in your environment and find the absurdness in them. This is what makes you a great comedian and imprints you on her mind.


7. You bring her at ease.

When you can be goofy and laugh at yourself, she automatically finds herself getting comfortable. When with you, she can thus, laugh and not be embarrassed about anything.


8. You get along with her friends.

Your social skill is what’s to thank for. You make every party a hit with your dry sarcasm, crazy impressions and well timed jokes. This is the reason why her friends tell her what a riot you are besides a great catch.


9. You know how to keep it cool.

You would rather share punchlines than punches with anyone. You are known to keep your temper in check and take things easy without giving in to drama.


10. You radiate confidence.

It takes a secure guy to poke someone or make fun of himself. It is but obvious that a guy who’s comfortable in his shoes will be attractive to her.


11. You are  sensitive.

You could shoot a joke or two on yourself but it’s evident that humour is a way to mask the complex chest of emotions that lie deep inside of you. And when you are enough at ease to give a sneak peak of it to her, it makes her deeply long for you.


12. You never fail to bring a smile on her face.

You know the perfect one-liner to make her smile even from the curtains of tears. Your cute smirk and your thoughtfulness is what makes her heart melt. And then my friend, how can she keep herself, from falling for you, that is, if she hasn’t already.

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