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Why You Hate It So Much When You Don’t Get A Text Back?

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It is a matter to ponder upon how easy it has become to make someone realize they are ignoring you. All one needs to do is to ignore your text message; a well crafted, well thought out and expectant text which took you about 3 re-reads of their message and 5 whole editing sessions of your own, before you pressed that ‘send’ button.  Now is the perfect time to insert this phrase ‘Technology Sucks!’.

It’s not that you have never been the culprit yourself; it’s only that this time it is you who is at the receiving end of this seemingly nugatory but actually too mortifying action. The avant-garde of all what they can do to instantly make you feel embarrassed and vulnerable, leaves you all exposed to the person who you so expected to get a reply from but all that they sent you was a head full of thoughts and an exceedingly long wait.

Still, what is that one thing that makes it so annoying to any recipient (ironic, since all you want is to ‘receive’ that reply!)?

Perhaps, it’s the void that is left there, that makes it so vexatious! And why not, after all, even while typing the text, you conceived what would be their probable reply, and even smiled to yourself feeling silly. But not more than how silly or rather stupid you feel now awaiting their text which seems to be on a permanent hold.

It is this void or space that is the nuisance at its zenith; for its the time when you get all kinds of self-doubts when you mercilessly shred every singly word of your text again and again in hopes to catch the miscreant that must have caused this person to tick off and stop responding to you! This is the time when the devil comfortably settles down in his little workshop and makes you think all kinds of nasty things they must be thinking about you and making you feel more and more empty and unsure of yourself.

However, while you read this I know you would be thinking of all those times you have been through this foolishness even when knowing its nothing more than just that. But even so, you would still freak out and self contemplate every single time someone delays or forgets to reply you back.

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