International Road Trip From India To Spain

International Road Trip From India To Spain Will Make You Call Your Friends Now

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Great news for the travel enthusiasts, specially who love going for long road trips. If you have your annual leaves pending kindly hold them for little more because Embarq (an Indian travel brand that offers premium self drive road trips across the globe) is offering something epic and different to all the travel enthusiasts.

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It takes more than 14 hours to fly from India to Spain, however two travel enthusiasts Medha Joseph and Sujal Patwardhan have come together to offer something which will make this journey exciting and adventurous.

Embarq is offering self driven international road trip from India to Spain scheduled to take off in the month of June- July 2017. The International road trip from India to Spain is going to be 20,000 kms journey, traversing 12 countries and lasting around 45 days. You will get to explore the beauty of unending mountains of Central Asia to the historic cities of Europe and travel across some of the most amazing locations on a drive from India to Spain.

They are also offering road trip to Scotland from 13th – 18th May, however the bookings for road trip to Scotland is closed on 10th Feb 2017. The India to Scotland road trip was prices at Rs 2,20,000 per person (plus GST as applicable)

According to our research the route if going to be covering driving into countries like France, Germany, Austria, Poland and many more. For bookings you can write at

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