A Hearth Touching Interview Of 77 Year Old Facebook Superstar With 147000 Likes, Inspiration And Motivation

A Heart Touching Interview Of 77 Year Old Puppet Seller And Facebook Superstar With 147000 Likes. Inspiration!

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If you are a Delhiite you must have seen this 77 year old man selling puppets in Connaught Place A Block market with a smile on his face, but their is a lot behind this smile which is worth drawing inspiration. He is Mr P.V Saar, an retired bank manager who spent all his saving on his son’s studies who is no more. He is barely able to walk but travels 170 km both sides daily and jumps all hurdles of life. Life tried its best to make him say “I QUIT“, brought him down the knees to say
I GIVE UP” but he decided to fight and never give up…Wow!!!!!! 

ActorVarunPruthi read about him on internet and could not stop himself from going to meet this inspiring man and talk to him. Watch P.V Saar’s heart touching interview below.

Mr P.V Saar’s this picture which got 147000+ likes

Golden words from P.V Saar – “One should be always ready to bear all type of problems and we should never loose our hearts”

If this old man inspires you, don’t forget inspiring others by spreading the word..

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