Issues You Face While Searching For A Rented Apartment Online

Searching For A Rented House Online?….Haha…Oops Sorry…Let Us List The Issues!

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Searching for a rented flat in any city of India is as tough as fitting your feet in a one size small shoe! By God!! It pinches….and harasses!  especially in Metro cities. You think you are a smart alec by applying online ; but alas! those deals are also through the ‘Brokers’. They will ask you your budget and very cleverly you will quote less than what you can afford …but these agents; even more cleverly will take your budget sky high! Your budget – you will get a ‘ashram’ like abode! But you go by their quote and you will find a ‘BEARABLE ‘ please.

We have listed down our observations of types of problems we all face while searching for a house on rent.

You start short-listing  apparently ‘ awesome’ apartments online for rent but when you go and check those flats , you are first appalled! It is not a direct deal with e landlord!! The agent is involved.. breathing down your neck….all sweaty and chewing paan! The flats are nowhere close to the description and you come back home tired, de-spirited and feeling cheated.

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The ads online shows that its posted by owner but when you call on contact number provided its always the broker!


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You end up paying brokerage and rent agreement document charges when you very cleverly thought you had done an online transaction by-passing the broker.


You never get what you read online. If you also experienced something like this, share it with your friends.

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